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Cigar Review: Dunhill Signed Range Robusto

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The newest cigars bearing Dunhill’s famed name is their Signed Range line. Rolled for Dunhill by an exclusive group within the Torano factory, these cigars are a sight to behold. A simple, yet elegant band displays a script Dunhill signature. Introduced at the 75th RTDA, these are just barely starting to hit the market. A complete departure from their regularly mild blends, this cigar brings it to today’s full-bodied smokers. For now the buzz is quiet, but I can guarantee that it will boom quickly.

Origin: Nicaragua
Filler: Nic, Dom Rep
Binder: Cameroon
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Size: 4 3/4×52

Appearance: This is a beautiful looking cigar. As mentioned before the band is simple, yet elegant. It surrounded a shiny, colorado wrapper, that had a vew prominent veins and was a little toothy, but still exuded its class. This cigar will seduce you before you even put it to your lips.
Taste: The pre-light draw was light and buttery. Touching the clipped cap with my tongue, spice instantly spread throughout my mouth. After lighting, a medium-strength woodiness attacked my palate. This was deceptive in that it wouldn’t stay medium-bodied for long. Within a minute, a peppery, cedar flavor grew into a surprising full-body. An undercurrent of roasted nuts blended nicely with the spice. This flavor lasted pretty much throughout the whole of the cigar until the very last inch when a sweet, buttery, toffee-like taste mixed in. A slight burnt toast flavor remained on my lips, but it was not unpleasant. This cigar was creamy, smooth, and spicy. Nice!
Aroma: I have not smelled such aromatic cigar smoke from a domestic cigar in quite some time. Before lighting, the cigar smelled buttery and nutty. Upon lighting, the smoke teased my nose with the buttery toffee that I wouldn’t taste until the end.
Construction: This cigar was firm, yet yielding to the touch. I could feel no inconsistencies or plugs as I gently squeezed the length of the stick. It clipped well and the draw was perfect for my preferences. Not tight, not loose, but gently firm. I had only one burn problem that I must admit was completely due to my fumbling the lighting process. With a slight touch-up that disappeared. It burned well, albeit a bit hot, and the ash, a very nice light, light grey, held up well, taking a firm tap to release.
Overall: This was a great cigar. I eventually almost burned my fingers and lips as I tried to smoke this cigar till it could be smoked no more. The robusto goes for around $10 a stick, and for those of you willing to pay this price for a cigar, it will be well worth it. This was at the lower end of full-bodied, but will be well met by the current Tatuaje and even Litto Gomez Diez lovers.
Cigar Rating:4 1/2 out of 5 stars

  1. Cigar is an absolute joke. No flavor, no balance. Add the fact that it runs $12 and higher, and you’re left with an unsatisfying smoke at an awful value. Their aged dominicans are cheaper and 100x better. This cigar fucking sucks.


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